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Course Sybase 16 / SAP ASE – Installation and Configuration

  • Preparing machine for Sybase installation
  • Linux installation
  • System requirements for Sybase installation
  • Sybase 16 installation
  • Starting and stopping Sybase
  • Post installation configuration:configuring Sybase for automatic start, configuring network interface
  • Configuration files, scriptes, binaries, errorlogs
  • Configuring Sybase

This course is designed for  administrators beginning their adventure with Sybase database. We assume, you don’t know Sybase and you didn’t work too much with Linux. It is good if you have some experience with other database systems, however even without that knowledge you should still be able to understand the course.

Sybase database is known as well as  SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise. It is used in very specialized implementations, where stability and performance counts the most.

Course begins with some practical manuals allowing to build your own test environment. The next phase is Linux installation and it’s initial configuration, so you should be able to install Sybase in next steps. Installation finishes with the test procedure allowing to verify whether the server is correctly installed.

In the following lessons it will be presented what configuration files Sybase uses. You will also develop your own script allowing to start and stop the SAP ASE server.  You will learn how to configure the operating system to start and stop the database automatically when server boots.

In next lessons you will learn about configuration files like: interfaces file, network interface configuration. During this process you will see how to solve some problems that may appear during installation.  You will get familiar with the errorlog and sp_configure procedure.

This course is available only in English. Each lesson ends with a short quiz and a lab.

Sybase Course content:

  • How to prepare virtual machine for the course
  • How to install Linux on it
  • How to configure Linux for SAP ASE installation
  • How to install SAP ASE
  • How to validate the installation
  • How the start-up procedure works
  • How to start/stop ASE, how to configure it to automatic start/stop
  • What environmental variables are used by ASE
  • Which files are the most important, what kind of information they contain and how and when it is used
  • How to configure ASE to listen on external network interfaces
  • How to troubleshoot some common problems with installation or configuration
  • How to install Interactive SQL on Windows
  • How to work with sp_configure and how to work with configuration files


Courses can be run on iPhone, iPad and Android as well!

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  • Fundamental knowledge of any operating system administration
  • Fundamental knowledge about database systems

Who should enroll the course?

  • Database administrators, current or aspiring
  • Persons trying to change job to IT or changing role in IT
  • Beginners who want to enter the IT administration world, or experienced  IT people, who never worked with Sybase